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There is no doubt that cleansing is the first step to beautiful skin but there is a lot of confusion which cleanser to choose, which one will work the best for you.

In this blog, I will guide you through all the cleansing products available out there.

CLEANSING MILK is an old formula but still great for everyone who doesn't like using water on their skin especially for tight, dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin conditions.  You apply the product on the cotton pad and wipe the skin until cotton pad is clean. It's recommended to use toner afterwards to remove any milk residues. Some cleansing milk have more creamy formula and then you can apply them directly to you hands and massage into skin. The residue can be removed with cotton pads or moist face cloth.

CLEANSING CREAM is similar to cleansing milk it just have a thicker, more creamy consistency but it is not solid cream. Apply with your hands directly to the dry skin, perform some circular movements and rinse off with warm water and face cloth. Cleansing cream is perfect for mature skin, dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin.

CLEANSING GEL is another classic cleanser recommended for oily and sensitive skin.  It can be applied on a wet skin with your hands in big circular motions until some kind of foam will create, then rinsed it off with warm water and face cloth.

CLEANSING FOAM is a similar to gel product except it is already foamed so it is more gentle on the skin and feels very light and fresh. It is perfect for oily and sensitive skin.

OLEO-GEL is a beautiful, innovative product for face cleansing and heavy make-up removal. It should be apply on a dry skin and massage into. It looks like a gel but after few massage movements it will turn into aromatic oil so you can perform a mini massage while cleansing your skin! Recently I tried and fall in love with Dr Irena Eris Oleo-gel that comes with a complimentary super soft face cloth. Oil attracts oil so oleo-gel perfectly removes the make-up, nourishes the skin and relaxes your mind thanks to its aromatic oils. If you have oily skin, you still can use it as a first cleanse (precleanse) and then follow with your usual cleanser.

MICELLAR WATER/ LOTION is an innovative cleanser that replaces cleanser, make-up remover and toner. Its bonus point that it doesn't required rinsing with water so it is a perfect product on the go. You just apply the water on a cotton pad and wipe the skin until the pad will be clean. It is very easy and quick to use and may be used everyday, morning and evening.

In general, all cleansers can be used by all skin types and it is up to your personal preference of product consistency and method of application.

There is only a few rules to follow:

  • Oily skin should always finished its cleansing routine with toner (the best would be with a small percentage of acids, i.e. Dr Irena Eris 2% Mandelic Toner),
  • Dry, rough and tight skin should opt for creamy and nourishing formulas, such as Dr Irena Cleansing Cream or Oleo-gel
  • Sensitive and reactive skin should use the purest products such as gels and micellar water to avoid further irritation, such as Dr Irena Eris Micellar Gel

I'm using two cleansers at the moment: light and fresh Dr Irena Eris Micellar Gel in the morning and relaxing Dr Irena Eris Oleo-gel in the evening, when I have more time to pamper myself. And what cleansing product do you use? What is your favorite one from all you have been using so far?

Let me know by leaving a comment below or drop me an email to

Also if you are still confused about the right cleanser, please feel free to book a free skin consultation in our Skin Care Room - Facial Treatments located at 17a Main Street Blanchardstown, Dublin 15

Take care, Ella x
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Ultimate UP-LIFT Eye Treatment was featured in Stellar Magazine.

It was great to see our product together with some well established on Irish market brands. EYES ZONE Ultimate Up-Lift Eye Treatment combines a unique active formula with advanced and precise method of application for maximum results, right away.

It improves smoothness and tightness around the eye area just after the first application, it reduces puffiness and dark circles and firms the skin.

Not only Stellar magazine has praised this Amazing Eye Rescue Product. We have also received many fantastic reviews from Irish beauty bloggers and product quickly moved into the Bestseller category in our Dr Irena Eris Online Shop. Please see below some of bloggers comments.

The skincare technology in this product is incredible, as it works on the deeper levels of the skin targeting specific problems ensuring your eyes look better, but more importantly feel better too.

Using this massage applicator, the removal of toxins away from the area is increased and the absorption of oxygenated blood is increased, giving you healthier skin around your eyes.

In my opinion combining a massage applicator with an eye care serum is pure genius!!!
— Sarah Dwan - Beauty and the Masseuse Blog

Dr Irena Eris ProVoke make-up on Xpose TV3.

Dr Irena Eris ProVoke Ireland

Dr Irena Eris ProVoke luxury makeup was featured on Xpose magazine TV3. Make-up artist Sue Brophy created a beautiful look inspired by Tommy Hilfiger catwalk.

ProVoke line of make-up is a balanced and sophisticated combination of skincare and makeup.

All products, apart from their beauty enhancing properties, have been complemented with conditioning formulas and are DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED and HYPOALLERGENIC.

Efficient cosmetics help create a beautiful, long lasting and unique make-up, while providing adequate skin care. Various textures and wide range of timeless, subtle shades ensure that every make-up is a true pleasure.

Smooth, Fresh and Sensual Body with Body Fiesta Fresh Neroli line.

Velvety texture, intensive care and truly feminine fragrance notes of Neroli, Spanish orange and fresh lemons are the secrets of a new Body Fiesta FRESH NEROLI line from Dr Irena Eris.

  •  FRESH NEROLI Velvet Body Wash. Extracts of Spanish orange and stimulating juice from fresh lemons perfectly cleanses, nourishes and refreshes the skin. Soja oi rich in Vitamin E protects the skin against oxidative stress. The creamy body wash perfumes the skin with feminine fragrance notes of neroli and fresh citrus.
  • FRESH NEROLI Refreshing and Smoothing Body Peeling. Delicate sugra crystals intensely smooth and firm the skin and perfume it irresistibly with neroli flowers fragrance combined with fresh citrus notes.
  • FRESH NEROLI Sensual Moisturising Body Balm. Intensely moisturising and nourishing this body balm features olive wax, bambassu oil and cocoa butter. Leave the skin beautifully soft and perfumed with feminine fragrance notes of neroli and fresh citrus.