Look and Feel Your Best On Your Wedding Day and Beyond!


Must Have For Brides-To-Be

3- Month Bridal Skincare Program + Treatments

I created a Personalised Skincare Program because there is no quick fix for beautiful and healthy skin. It is actually a process complete with carefully chosen home care, healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. I highly recommend to start the program 6-12 months before your Wedding Day because healthy skin is a marathon not a sprint.

During a 75 minutes in-person consultation you receive:

  • Detailed skin analysis

  • Expert advice on your skin issues and their causes

  • Face map with your skincare priorities

  • A NEW skincare routine with the exact products that will help you get rid of your skin care problems for good and won’t break your budget

Skincare Specialist:

  • Creates a personalised daily skincare routine that is your ready solution to your skin issues

  • Measures your skin hydration level using HiSkin analyser

  • Verifies the products that you currently use so that you know instantly what products to use and what to avoid

  • Guides you and supports you up to your wedding day (follow up consultation every 3 months value €70 each) to check your skin health progress and adjust your skincare routine to your changing skin needs


You Walk Away With:

  • A healthy radiant and beautiful skin, perfectly prepped for your wedding make-up

  • Finally feeling proud of your own skin and confident how to look after your skin

  • A step by step skincare routine that works and makes you looking 10 years younger than your peers!

  • A list of products that will help you to overcome your skincare issues for good and won’t break your budget

  • Your face map to keep track of your skin changes and skincare priorities

    + Bonus:

FREE and Ready To Use “Skin Food” shopping list to promote healthy and radiant skin from inside and 10 easy relaxation practices that will help you reduce stress and increase joy every day.

There is NO OTHER SKINCARE PROGRAM like this anywhere. This program not only saves you tons of money and time but also it transforms your skin day after day. By eliminating the CAUSES of your skin problems, it helps you not only to solve your current skin issues but also it prevents their re-appearing so you can enjoy healthy skin for LIFE!

Bridal Skincare Program + Treatments

(Bridal Program includes 3x Bespoke Facials)

1 Payment Of €450 OR 2 Payments Of €250 I ONLY 10 SPOTS AVAILABLE EVERY MONTH

Turbocharge Your Skincare Routine And Achieve The Skin You Want For Your Wedding Day and Beyond!

I have only limited number of spaces available. Don’t wait till the last moment before your Wedding Day. Start transforming your skin Today because it’s a process. Book Your Skincare Program Now!


" I'm very happy with the program, it was exactly what I was looking for. The value for money is excellent, I think what I learned is invaluable. I would most definitely recommend this program to my friends" - Jennifer

“I was really happy with the program, think it was great value for money. I learned so much and felt comfortable asking questions. The treatments and consultations did not feel rushed. I’m so happy with the results so far which makes me excited to see further improvement down the line. My spots have been clearing up a lot quicker and the pigmentation has lessened and is clearing up quicker after spots.” — Jane

Bridal Skincare Program + Treatments

(Bridal Program includes 3x Bespoke Facials)

1 Payment Of €450 OR 2 Payments Of €250

Only 10 Spots Available Every Month


PS. Wondering if this skincare program is what you need? Call 085 861 7133 and let’s chat.