NEW! Skin Programmes

I decided to introduce Skin Programmes because there is no quick fix for beautiful and healthy skin. It is actually a process complete with carefully chosen home care, healthy lifestyle and diet and in-depth salon treatments. Instead of spending money on trying the miracle products or having treatments here and there, you may invest into a professional skin programme and achieve the results you want, better and faster. The programme will help you resolve your skin problems but also will change your skin understanding and routines forever so you can enjoy healthy and beautiful skin no matter your age.

I SO look forward to having you in my Skin Care Room and help YOU achieve your best skin yet.

Love your skin, Ella


Picture-Perfect Skin on Your Wedding Day


Picture-Perfect Skin On Your Wedding Day is NOT a course of facial. It's a UNIQUE 4 month skin programme dedicated to your skin that allows you to go from being unhappy with your skin to getting the skin you dream of.

Based on in depth skin consultation, bespoke in salon treatments and tailor made step by step skin care routine, this programme will change your skin understanding, your routine, lifestyle and diet choices FOREVER and will help you achieve the skin you want for your BIG DAY and BEYOND!

Wow your guests with picture-perfect, glowing complexion. Book your FREE Bridal Skin Consultation Today!

Me Time Package

Fab Skin Over 40'



You’ve been always happy with your skin but once you turned 40, you’ve started to see some changes in your skin that you don’t like at all. It looks dull and tired, fine lines and wrinkles become visible, some pigmentation has appeared under your eyes and on the forehead and the skin starts to feel loose! Outch.

It’s not too late. You still can take control of your own skin condition. Sign up for a 4 Month Fab Skin Over 40 Programme and receive a professional skincare consultation and guidance, result driven treatments in salon and personalized step by step skincare routine to follow at home. This programme will change your skin understanding and your routines FOREVER. Save your valuable time and money by investing in the skin programme instead of experimenting with a thousand creams at home.

This is your chance to stop the guessing game and start to enjoy the healthy and beautiful skin no matter your age. Book a FREE skin consultation and find out how I can help you.