Get A New Skincare Routine That Works!


I created a Personalised Skincare Program because there is no quick fix for beautiful and healthy skin. It is actually a process complete with carefully chosen home care, healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and in-depth salon treatments.

I’ve invested my time and money in learning and understanding a complex science of cosmetic ingredients and skin physiology to be able to choose the best skincare product for each skin concern based on product’s active ingredients and NOT because of the brand or marketing claim. It helps me to create a personalised skincare routines that works for my clients every single time.

So, instead of spending money on trying the miracle products or having treatments here and there, you may invest into a professional skin program and achieve the results you want, better and faster. The program will help you resolve your current skin issues but also it will change your skin understanding and routines forever so you can enjoy healthy and beautiful skin no matter your age.

I SO look forward to having you in my Skin Care Room and help YOU achieve your best skin yet. Love your skin, Ella x

Raise your hand if you want a healthy and beautiful skin that you are proud of but:

  • you don't know where to start

  • you don't want to spend anymore on products that doesn't work

  • you don't have time for a regular monthly facials in salon

  • you have tried it all and can't find solution to your skin problems (dryness, oiliness, open pores, acne, feeling of tightness and itchiness, dark spots, visible capillaries, skin redness, wrinkles, loose skin, premature skin ageing)

Cheer up, I have something special FOR YOU!

I’ve put all my knowledge, all my beauty secrets and over 15 years experience working as skin therapist and trainer into my unique PERSONALISED SKINCARE PROGRAM so that you can achieve the skin you want. This program is your chance to stop the guessing game and enjoy healthy skin for life without invasive treatments or breaking the bank!

This Unique Personalised Skincare Program Includes:

  • In person, in-depth 60 minutes skin, lifestyle and diet consultation to find out the causes of your current skin concerns (YES! - we treat your current skin concerns but also their causes so they won’t reappear in the future)

  • Measurement of your skin hydration level using HiSkin analyser

  • Verification of your skincare so that you know what products to use and what to avoid

  • Tailor made step by step daily skin care routine with the exact products to use at home so you can watch your skin improving day after day (YES! you will receive a list of optional products to suit every budget)

  • A guide how to shop skincare effectively, how to read products’ labels and what active ingredients you should look for in a skincare so you will never buy a wrong product again.

  • Personalised attention and guidance from skincare specialist with over 15 years experience in skincare so that all your skincare concerns and questions are answered

Get Ready to Walk Away With:

  • Finally feeling confident how to look after your skin

  • A daily, step by step personalised skincare routine that works and makes you looking 10 years younger than your peers!

  • Your face map to keep track of your skin changes

  • A personal skincare shopping list containing active ingredients that work best for your skin to make your shopping extra quick and easy

  • A beauty food shopping list to promote healthy and radiant skin from inside

  • 10 easy relaxation practices to reduce stress and increase joy every day

  • My best beauty tips and secrets to make the getting healthy skin process fun and easy

  • A knowledge How To Shop Skincare Effectively so you will never buy a wrong product again

+ Bonus:

  • FREE 30 Minutes Follow Up Consultation 3 months after finishing program to adjust your skincare routine to changing skin’s needs.


Never buy a wrong product again

There is NO OTHER SKIN PROGRAM like this anywhere. This program not only saves you tons of money and time but also it transforms your skin day after day. By eliminating the CAUSES of your skin problems, it helps you not only to solve your current skin issues but also it prevents their re-appearing so you can enjoy healthy skin for LIFE!

Clients Results:

" I'm very happy with the program, it was exactly what I was looking for. The value for money is excellent, I think what I learned is invaluable. I would most definitely recommend this program to my friends" - Jennifer

As a make up artist I find it very hard to find someone who understand my needs when it comes to my skin, But I was so happy with my treatment and results. Ella has so much knowledge about skin its insane, She truly is a skin care specialist!! One of the best facials I have ever had. Starting a course of peels with Ella now too, so I'm excited to see what my skin will look like in 4 weeks if this is the result from one treatment. Can't thank you enough & absolutely loving my Dr Irena Eris products”. - Keira

“Ella is extremely knowledgeable and gave me lots of information on how to look after my skin better. She is gentle and takes her time when doing the treatment. I got a course of 4 facial peels and I am delighted with results. My acne breakouts have stopped almost completely and my skin had never looked so bright and felt so smooth. I will definitely be returning”. - Elaine


For Women Who Wants To Be Proud Of Their Skin

Personalised Skincare Program

Personalised Skincare Program

1 Payment Of €200 (Price will go up from October 2019 so don’t delay)

Facial is just one piece of healthy skin game. Take a holistic approach to skincare and learn how to look after your skin better so you can enjoy healthy and beautiful skin no matter your age.

Clients Results:

“Thanks a mil for everything! You are so lovely and warm and full of skincare knowledge, which I found and am still finding very useful. I feel l now know what to look for when buying products and how to look after my skin better. Not forgetting the facials, which were pure bliss! I feel my skin's looking better than it has in years. “ — Orla

“I was really happy with the program, think it was great value for money. I learned so much and felt comfortable asking questions. The treatments and consultations did not feel rushed. I’m so happy with the results so far which makes me excited to see further improvement down the line. My spots have been clearing up a lot quicker and the pigmentation has lessened and is clearing up quicker after spots.” — Jane


WARNING. This program is NOT for you if:

  • You expect a miracle after finishing the program. Healthy and beautiful skin is a marathon not a sprint;

  • You don’t like changes and you don’t want to invest into a new skincare;

  • You firmly believe that only invasive treatments can make difference to your skin.

Personalised Skincare Program

1 Payment Of €200

(Price will go up from October 2019 so don’t delay)

Are You Ready For Your Pretty Woman Skincare Program?

Imagine …

  • Looking 10 years younger than your peers

  • Getting compliments from strangers

  • Feeling beautiful, confident and proud of your skin

Don’t waste your time. Take this SHORT-CUT to your beautiful and healthy skin Today!


  • This program works even if you don’t have any interest or knowledge about skin or skincare, just follow your step by step routine and use the prescribed products and you will see the changes in your skin.

  • This program works even if you have no time for treatments in salon. You will achieve the results you want just by following the home care routine alone.

  • This program works even if you don’t have money to spend on luxury skincare, you will get a list of “working” products that suit every budget.

  • This program works even if you don’t have money on the program (!), you can get it FREE when 4 of your friends will join the program.

PS. Wondering if this skincare program is what you need? Call 085 861 7133 and let’s chat.