Dr Irena Eris professional treatments are "focused on clients", deep relaxation and results through the use of aromatic oils and Dr Irena Eris luxurious highly active products.

NEW! Skin Care Packages

I decided to introduce Skin Care Packages because there is no quick fix for beautiful and healthy skin. It is actually a process complete with proper home care, healthy lifestyle and diet and in salon treatments. Instead of spending money on trying the miracle products or having treatments here and there, you may invest into a professional 4 month long skin care program and achieve the results you want, much faster.

I SO look forward to having you in my Skin Care Room and help YOU discover your Best Skin yet.

HEALTHY SKIN - intensive 4 month program, €220

Get your skin back on track in no time. Program includes 4 professional skin analysis, 4 personalized facials and tailor made skincare routine to follow at home. We recommend one facial every four weeks.


PICTURE-PERFECT SKIN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY - complete program for brides, €325

Look your best on your BIG DAY! Wow your guests with picture-perfect, glowing complexion. Program includes 3x L-ASCORBIC POWER TREATMENTS and HOME CARE SKIN SERUM, one every 10 days and 1x HYDRO-INTENSIVE FACIAL one week prior to wedding. 

L-Ascorbic Power Treatment gives instant rejuvenating and illuminating effect. Treatment is based on highly concentrated dose of L-Ascorbic Acid which is the most stable form of Vitamin C, that is dissolved in Hyaluronic Acid just before application to the skin for the most powerful effects. The complete treatment takes 30 days and consists of three 10 days periods of increasing treatment  and in home care intensity by using  higher concentrations of L-Ascorbic Acid starting from 5%, 10% to 15%. Skin become firmer, spectacularly brighter, smoother, plumper and deeply hydrated.